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 The Birth of Venus

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PostSubject: The Birth of Venus   Wed Oct 26, 2011 10:17 am

“The Birth of Venus” is the delegate among Botticelli’s People Paintings. He painted it for Florence governor Medici’s distant brother. This picture decribes a scene that The Venus rise up from Aegean Sea, the Aeolus and Flora welcome her in both sides.
Building Paintings The construct of this oil painting is simple, the **** Venus is the center. And the characters’ gestures and cloth decoration are expressed rather well. Oil Paintings for sale The characters and nature background are united and harmonious, Venus faces with everything nil admirari in a shy and hidden bitterness expression. Famous Paintings She is not optimistically confident with life’s future, she feels melancholy and confused. And this is also the response of Botticelli’s world outlook. Children Paintings This oil painting art stresses on a creative style of Venus image, describes her elegance and purity, as well as beauty of connotation, although it follow the example of Greek classical statue.
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The Birth of Venus
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